Nitro Electric (Drill) Starter + Rechargeable Battery & Charger


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Nitro Electric Starter – no more sore fingers!

Nitro Electric (Drill) Starter + Rechargeable Battery & Charger

The electric starter allows you to convert a normal pull start Nitro engine into an electric starting engine. The set includes an adaptor that replaces the pull start, an electric hand starter and powerful 7.2V rechargeable battery with charger.

Please note this version will only fit engines that have a 12mm one way bearing and 4 mounting screws.

This is the standard with most 1/10th scale and many 1/8th models. To check if it will work on your engine, take the pull start off and measure the width of the one way bearing before purchasing.

Extra adaptors are available, so if you have more than one car so you only need one electric drill starter. Adaptors are also available for the engines in 1:16 scale models. You will find the adaptors in the Nitro Accessories section.

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